Please review the below criteria required to rent any of our apartments:
  • The apartment details which include the rental monthly values are outlined on the "Find your apartment page" so please do review the options available in advance, this will help us ensure we are able to accommodate your preferences and choices in line with your personal requirements.
  • Household annual income must be equal to and at least 2.66 the annual rent value
  • Where a guarantor is required, the guarantor's income must equal at least 4x the annual rent value and they will go through referencing checks.
  • We are unable to accept anyone with an adverse credit record or with outstanding CCJ's
  • Applicants must provide Right to Rent documentation during the referencing checks
  • All documentation must the provided to the referencing company within 3 days of making a reservation and having your reservation approved.
  • In the event of a successful application, your holding commitment will be offset against your first month’s rent as rental credit. To confirm the reservation, a payment of £400 will be due on the day of your application as a holding commitment, which will remove the selected property from the market for you.

*By continuing to apply for an apartment, you agree to the rental criteria above and understand that the holding commitment can be retained in full, if your contract is not signed 14 days prior to the tenancy start date or if you have given false or misleading information that leads to a declined reference.

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Residents only

Live Longer Festival at Coppermaker Square


The Event will cater for 45 residents (3 sessions of 15 residents). This event will show you how you can use simple tools and techniques to help you: Reduce stress and anxiety, Enhance joint strength and function, Improve sleep, Reduce inflammation in the body, and Enhance recovery from exercise/training.

This event starts with a 30-minute mobility/joint strengthening session in which the teacher will flow through various joint-specific exercises/techniques that will increase joint range of motion, and strength and reduce the risk of injury. You will then go to the yoga studio where you will experience a powerful seated/laying breathwork session powered by music. You will go through several powerful breathwork techniques that are backed by real science.

Experience expanded states of awareness, flashes of insights, and creativity with a breathwork practice that you will want to do every day. Breathwork can help rapidly calm the mind, reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve the quality of sleep. Lastly, you will be guided into the pool area where you will accompany a hot and cold ritual using the sauna and cold water therapy; known to help reduce inflammation in the body and risk of various heart and CV conditions as well as promote healing.

We will also have available 15-minute head-neck shoulder massages throughout the day using a prop-up massage chair which is completed over clothes. Healthy Snacks and Refreshments with electrolytes will be provided throughout the day.