Please review the below criteria required to rent any of our apartments:
  • The apartment details which include the rental monthly values are outlined on the "Find your apartment page" so please do review the options available in advance, this will help us ensure we are able to accommodate your preferences and choices in line with your personal requirements.
  • Household annual income must be equal to and at least 2.66 the annual rent value
  • Where a guarantor is required, the guarantor's income must equal at least 4x the annual rent value and they will go through referencing checks.
  • We are unable to accept anyone with an adverse credit record or with outstanding CCJ's
  • Applicants must provide Right to Rent documentation during the referencing checks
  • All documentation must the provided to the referencing company within 3 days of making a reservation and having your reservation approved.
  • In the event of a successful application, your holding commitment will be offset against your first month’s rent as rental credit. To confirm the reservation, a payment of £400 will be due on the day of your application as a holding commitment, which will remove the selected property from the market for you.

*By continuing to apply for an apartment, you agree to the rental criteria above and understand that the holding commitment can be retained in full, if your contract is not signed 14 days prior to the tenancy start date or if you have given false or misleading information that leads to a declined reference.

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Celebrating Main Character Energy at Coppermaker Square


At Coppermaker Square, we are all about owning your main character’s energy! We live life unapologetically by renting and living on our own terms.

To celebrate this, Coppermaker Square residents and special guests gathered to hear from a panel of inspiring speakers on how they embrace their main character energy to subvert social expectations to embrace their individuality.

The panel featured luminaries Fats Timbo, Arooj Aftab, Joe Seddon, and Alice Tapper, each offering their unique perspectives, lived experiences and personal interpretations of what main character energy means to them.

Moderated by SheerLuxe Lifestyle Editor, Sherri Andrew, the discussion unpacked the importance of embracing differences, overcoming self-doubt, and turning obstacles into opportunities.

From Fats Timbo’s infectious humour born out of her own life experiences, to Arooj Aftab’s advocacy for championing diversity and Alice Tapper’s goal of financial education and empowerment for all, guests were given words of wisdom on how to choose to live authentically. The conversation was a reminder that true fulfilment comes from owning your own narrative and not comparing yourself to others.

Both conversation and drinks were flowing on the night, courtesy of our friends at Balan’s and East London Liquor Company. Grape and Fig put on a delectable spread, while dessert delights came straight from Coppermaker Square’s very own star baker, Sandro Farmhouse.

Attendees left Coppermaker Square with not only a goodie bag, but armed with the wisdom imparted by panel, poised to embrace their own main character energy in 2024.


About the panellists

Fats Timbo

Creator, comedian, author and educator. Born with Achondroplasia, Fats has garnered over 2.3 million followers on her social channels as she finds fun in stories of her own life, and the world around her.


Arooj Aftab 

Social activist, presenter, fashion creative, consultant and content creator, recently named in the inaugural Vogue Business 100 Innovators list.


Joe Seddon

26-year-old CEO and founder of tech company Zero Gravity, a social enterprise that helps power low-opportunity individuals into top universities and employment.


Alice Tapper

Financial educator, campaigner and founder of Go Fund Yourself, an education and news platform that empower better conversations about money and work.


Sherri Andrew

(Moderator) – Lifestyle editor at SheerLuxe